Hey There! I am Asit and I work as a designer.

Currently moving rectangles at DLT Apps

Based out of Bengaluru, India, I previously worked at TCS and made the transition from an engineer to designer. I also love gaming, watching movies and travelling on bike clicking pictures. Absolute Marvel Stan.

9 to 5

  • Presently working at DLT

Creating designs for the future of finance by translating flows and working coherently with BAs and PMs. Please connect if you want to see the work.

5 to 9

  • Redesigning Digilocker [Case Study]

Visual improvement of the Digilocker app making it more accessible, modern & adaptable for people of all groups.

  • After Office Hours [Community]

Community Manager at one of the coolest societies on the Internet.

  • Crafting visual works

Currently crafting UI Kits, Design Systems and other visuals which I will soon put up on Gumroad and other marketplaces making it accessible to everyone.

Died due to management ;)

  • A Discourse With [Podcast]

This was a podcast that started out of the boredom of staying indoors during pandemic. I used to interview people and talk about their life before their success. Zoom fatigue kicked in and I had to stop it. Might start it back again soon.

  • ALT PLUS TAB [Group]

Another product of pandemic boredom. Used to consist of a WhatsApp + Telegram group where I would post articles from all over the Internet that I found interesting enough. Interested to work with me on this? Let's connect

Get to know your friendly Internet Designer

  • The Foundations

I was born in Kendujhargarh, Odisha and brought up in Brahmapur, Odisha. Early on in life I was interested in astronomy (that interest remains till date, let's chat!) and I was even involved in a NASA competition where our team won the third prize. Apart from that, I was definitely good at tech in general, quickly picking up how gadgets worked and working my way through computers. As time moved on, things started to change and so did priorities.

  • The Base

Once I joined college, I found out I was pretty good at programming. Went on to learn C, C++, Java, Python and even dabbled into AI/ML as a specialization for a few semesters. Alongside this, I picked up interest in photography and also started a YouTube channel. Also became the go-to tech guy for all gadget decisions for people. Four years later, I got offer from Infosys on-campus and TCS off-campus.

  • The Path Ahead...

I joined TCS because of it's reputation and was put in as a System Administrator at TCS iON managing Linux and MySQL database servers for test environment. I was also put in charge as a compliance officer making sure the test environment is GDPR compliant. Soon, the tasks became repetitive and I started looking for more avenues. Pandemic hit us and this is when I got the opportunity to explore other fields. I stumbled into design again as full-fledged role in the industry and immediately got interested. I joined Growthschool's UX Design Cohort by Anudeep to gain more insights and a year later, I joined DLT Apps as a full-time UI Designer.

What I am upto right now?

I love playing video games and travelling. I can talk about tech and space for 'marvel'ous lengths of time. Let's talk over coffee or pudding.

Currently Playing

Last Update: September 2022

My current setup

  • HP Pavillion 15 with GTX 1660

  • XBOX Series S

  • Motorola Edge 30

My Photography Gear

  • Canon EOS RP

  • 24mm f/2.8 STM

  • 50mm f/1.8

Games I play right now

  • Tom Clancy's The Division 2

  • Minecraft

  • Forza Horizon 5

Shows I am watching right now

  • The Expanse (Season 6)

  • Moonknight (I know!, I am behind)

  • The Rookie (Just started, again!)

Let's talk about favs and fight about the better one!

Available for UI/UX projects

We can also just stare at the sky over pudding!